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Fashion Drenge Dyr Kostumer - Deluxe King Kong Kostume Sale

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  • Model: Halloween Dk 8943
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What's it like being Kong on Skull Island? We're not really sure. On the one hand, you're the king of the island, and a real formidable force. But on the other hand, you're the last of your kind, and you have to cohabitate with all those nasty skullcrawlers. Ah, who are we kidding, everyone knows that being Kong would be totally awesome!
Yup, your kid already knows that, which is why they most definitely want this Deluxe King Kong costume for kids. Styled from the character's appearance in the 2017 flick, this costume will give him everything he needs to be the large and in charge ape boss on the mysterious island. This is a Deluxe Kids Costume is a costume shirt and mask, done up with all the style that we loved
This deluxe kid's costume is a costume shirt and mask, done up with all the style that we loved from the movie. Faux fur shoulders and sleeves on the top contrast with polyester printed details, padded pectoral muscles, and printed fur details and a movie logo are printed along the waist. The mask completes the deal with a raging Kong face captured in latex, and faux fur surrounding the head.
With this set up he can take on someskullcrawlers in your backyard, or use it to make the whole Halloween experience extra awesome. With this officially licensed look, we're sure whenever he wears it it's going to be on like Kong!