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Designer Herre Tv / Film Kostumer - Lothar Prestige Voksen Kostume Til Salg

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  • Model: Halloween Dk 2678
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Every journey begins with one step, even the path to becoming Anduin Lothar, the Lion of Azeroth. First, you kill slay an out of control boar named Princess in Elwynn Forest. Then, you've graduated to besting Hogger in single combat. Then, before you know it, you're the Knight Champion of Stormwind, protecting the values that all the human citizens of Azeroth hold dear! Okay, so maybe we left out a few steps in between, since we're not exactly sure how Anduin Lothar became the great warrior he's known as these days, but we're willing to bet that a super-awesome set of armor is a pretty good place to start! It just so happens, you can get a super awesome set of armor right here! This Lothar Prestige Adult Costume recreates the Warcraft character's signature armor set. From the bulky pauldrons to the fierce looking chestpiece, these features help give you a style that mixes the ferocity of a fury warrior and the practicality of a protection warrior. Since this costume is the prestige-line, it has a more intricate attention to detail than the other Lothar costumes, making it the clear choice for any serious fan of the movie. It also just makes you feel like the toughest thing to set foot on Azeroth, so you may find yourself organizing a raid party on Blackrock Mountain. You may even feel tough enough to challenge Orgrim Doomhammer in single combat!