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Billige Herre Skræmmende Kostumer - Texas Kædesav Massakre Adult Leatherface Kostume Til Salg

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  • Model: Halloween Dk 3153
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Deep in the heart of Texas, you'll find some truly unique fashion. No, we're not talking about those oversized cowboy hats that oil tycoons are so proud of. We're not talking about those fringed jackets with the bedazzled stars and stripes either. No, this fashion is a little more obscure and rural to the tenth degree.
Have you ever heard of the style, shabby chic? Well, near Kingsland Texas there's a designer who's doing something similar except instead of designing vintage lace dresses and torn up jeans that cost two hundred dollars this man is designing masks made from recycled human skin. What? Is that gross? We thought it was all about saving the environment. Huh. Well, we wouldn't suggest going to see this designer anyway, we have heard that he's pretty dangerous. His look has a unique air with a subtle chainsaw tie, a simple dress shirt, and a bloodstained apron. He doesn't like to be seen without one of his state of the art masks.
Once again we have to warn you, if you're a fan of his work don't go seeking him out to ask about his process, he might just show you a first-hand example. If you're looking to copy his style we have can hook you up with a knock-off mask and an outfit modeled after his day-to-day ensemble. We're sure he won't mind, we doubt he'll find out. He's pretty wrapped up in his next project, a line of couture chainsaws.