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2017 Herre Tv / Film Kostumer - Adult King Llane Muskel Kostume Online Salg

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How do those characters in Warcraft get that physique? It might take a life dedicated to pumping iron to get those kind of muscles. Maybe it has something to do with all the fighting that seems to happen on Azeroth. There's always some kind of war, or some kind of inter-dimensional demon that needs to be slain, so perhaps it's not surprising that everyone in the world is ripped. Of course, you probably haven't had to slay an army of orcs to level up during your every day life, so you might just need a little bit of help to get your World of Warcraft muscles ready! Either that or maybe those Professor Plum armor sets really help your muscles (sounds pretty scientific, if you ask us).
Introducing this Adult King Llane Muscle Costume! Whether your passion is running raids in World of Warcraft (we're not sure if the noobs out there would recognize WoW ) or you saw Warcraft the movie and can't wait to delve into the rich tapestry that is Warcraft's lore and history, this kingly costume will keep you the liege of your keep for generations to come. Complete with muscle padding in the chest and some wicked pauldrons (those are the shoulder thingies), this costume will have you looking buff enough to slay any orc you come across. Just make sure you bring along an epic weapon or two, since you're going to need on to defeat the legion of enemies that will be swarming your way.